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A little about me...

I emigrated to the U.S. on a single-entry dependent visa with my husband. Together, we moved around for his career dreams and aspirations, neglecting my own. I became a scientist and worked for almost a decade in academic and biotech institutions, underpaid, overworked, and internally dissatisfied. Never knowing what was right for me. A "bad boss" came to the rescue! He made my life miserable enough that I decided to quit the biotech world with the support of my husband & lead my life purposefully and passionately.

Currently, through my podcast, webinar series, group, and 1:1 coaching, I support immigrants and minorities to enhance their communication skills and achieve their desired career & leadership roles.

I have received several awards, but no award is more meaningful than my newfound love and appreciation for my husband and the life we built together.


Weekly Webinar (Farsi)
شروع دوباره

On weekly basis, we bring Farsi-speaking guests to talk about various topics:

- Mental Health

- Professional Development

- Parenting

- Diversity & Inclusion

- Biz Development

- Domestic violence

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Immigrant Podcast

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Downloaded 17000X across the world
With 45+ episodes on immigrant issues
Empowering conversationZ podcast is a valuable complementary educational resource for the immigrant community & those willing to learn from immigrants' resilience, culture, and beyond.

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Possibilities are ENDLESS once you choose to lean into what is uncomfortable. The question is...
Are you ready?

Because when you are,

You have many options to START.

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Success Story

Nadia, San Fransisco

“On many occasions, Mehran’s leadership tips and unbiased perspectives have helped me reshape the conversation I wanted to have with the executives or actions that I wanted to take with the team members,  and they all resulted in home runs! Your input has been invaluable in figuring out my way to succeed in an extremely high-pace and demanding work environment! "  

Success Story

Shirin, Oklahoma

“I have a small baking business and was a perfectionist with major OCD. Sometimes I would charge my customers less because I thought my work wasn't perfect enough.


I took Mehran's workshop, and her course helped me tremendously.

I recently taught a class of 140 people and told them about my OCD and how this amazing career coach changed my life. I wish I had taken this course years ago. Thank you, Mehran.

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