Are you ready to enhance your communication skills?

Lack of communication skills is the number one reason people are not geting promoted.

According to research, poor communication skills account for 70% of corporate errors.

It is sad that most of us spend decades in professional schools never learning about the rules of communication and its importance on our personal and professional lives.

Effective communication skills improves Trust, Empathy, Productivity, Collaboration.

As an immigrant and minority we need to especially focus on our communication skills to build relationships that elevate us.

And it starts right here...

I will empower you to:

  • Better present yourself and your knowledge

  • Manage difficult relationships professionally,

  • Establish your confidence during transitions (leadership, entrepreneurship,...)​

What My Client's Say?

Islamic Woman

Annonymous, Nurse

"All my life ive been told I'm too sensitive, I take things personally,... When my boss & my coworkers said it, I just cried... Working with Mehran had a huge impact in my professional and personal life. "  

Woman in Office

Annonymous, Group Leader

I manage a large team and everytime I seek Mehran's opinion about my team, she gives me a perspective I've never thought about. She has developed my EQ and helped me be a compassionate leader instead of an angry boss. My communication skills has improved tremendously which helped me manage the chaos during and post pandemic.

Happy Businessman

Mehdi, Financial Advisor

I was making a drastic pivot in my career due to enourmous pressure. A friend recommended Mehran and in Two sessions, we strategized and I am working at a startup that is aligned with who I am and my long term goal. 


Together we plan and strategize regardless of your cultural teachings, personality, and any mental barriers you have

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