As an immigrant scientist, I struggled with various cultural beliefs that impacted my confidence.


As a result, my professional and personal life suffered! I felt stuck. I was stressed. I felt lonely and didn't have the resources to live up to my OWN expectations. So I left the corporate world and became a student again!


I founded Empowering conversationZ to provide the culturally different & minorities with quality coaching that supports their growth in their career.

After only 3 months of working with me, My clients report...

> feeling more appreciated and recognized for their contributions

>Being a confident communicator and leader

>Living balanced lives with less stress, more self-love and optimism 


>Making the dreaded transitions peacefully feeling connected to their careers


We Empower you to develop communication skills that align with your culture

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What People Say

Islamic Woman

Annonymous, Scientist

"I went to Mehran for anxiety and distress in my professional life. Not only she addressed that but many issues regarding my personal relationship with my husband. I can not Thank Mehran enough for her help!"  

Happy Woman

Maya, Job seeker

During Covid when I lost my job, Mehran gifted me with her time. She  gave me the energy that I needed to continue applying. She looked through my resume and gave me many hints to improve it. After our session, she checked on me to make sure I don't give up! NOONE does that.

But she did!

Professional Woman

Fay, Group leader

Mehran was the reason I was able to cope with my Narcisistic boss. I was not in a position to quit,  but were leaning toward it.  She gave me strategies that enabled me to sustain a professional relationship with him and now I lead a team of 12. 

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