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Speaking at your event

Mehran is a Motivational speaker & Trainer.
Her work spans Effective Communication, Public speaking, Women's leadership, and Perfectionism. 

Training Future HR Leaders

As the DEI&B Committee Chair at the SD SHRM for two consecutive years, I had the honor of conducting training for HR and Business management students at the University of San Diego. During the training, we talked about Cultural diversity and its role in communication.  

"I really enjoyed how you gave room for engagement amongst students. I also enjoyed how you were able to talk about your experience, it really showed how much you understood the topics you were discussing."


Motivational Speech @ Women Conference

In March 2022, Mehran delivered a speech at the Future of Work: Woman Surviving Pandemic Pivot conference. She educated, inspired, and empowered her audience on the obstacles minority women face at work and the solutions they can employ to empower themselves.


"Both of us and our attendees (and even the next speaker!!) were inspired to tears by you. What a power-packed Lightning Talk" Tiffany Castagno

"There was so much more gold in there ... You definitely helped our attendees show up and show up to celebrate and own, bringing their unique Shine to work through sharing your perspectives and empowering us at the Conference! Meenakshi Iyer

Empowering conversationZ with an Immigrant

"Sharing Immigrants' Journeys and their struggles is one of the most meaningful experiences I have ever had." Mehran

"One of the best podcasts ever

I highly recommend this podcast to everyone! All episodes that I have heard so far are truly empowering and inspiring! I got addicted to this podcast a while ago and it is been a while that I am only listening to this one. The people that are invited and all the stories can be felt by heart. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!" Listener's Review

"Mehran is our voice!

Mehran is voice of all immigrants. She is very eloquent and doing a great job selecting and showcasing precious lessons we can learn from each other!" Listener's Review

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YSPM - Finding Resilience in Immigration - Mehran Sorourian.jpeg

Your Super Powered Mind podcast has been downloaded 25Million times in 2020 and is one of the top personal development podcasts. Mehran had the honor of speaking to Kristin Maxwell and sharing her journey of migration, how migration resulted in the metamorphosis she experienced in becoming the woman she is, the obstacles she experienced, and the loneliness she experienced at times as a result.

Listen here:

Host's insight

"You have a fascinating story Mehran. I'm blown away by the change." 

University Trainings

Mehran S Flyer 07220202 (1).png

Training MSMU MBA students and professional alumni on the importance of Cross-cultural communication in Business especially post-pandemic


In this one-hour training, we talked about:

-Common cultural differences,

-The different communication styles for different cultures,

-Tips on building trusting relationships that enhance our professional growth and business development.

 "Wow! I learned so much in this webinar, and I've been in business for a very long time" Attendee

Presenting a Vision

Presenting my vision of Khoshhaulam at NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners in San Diego) 

With the support of my community, we received the highest number of votes in the history of NAWBO San Diego winning the Rising Star award. Special thanks to our supportive community 

"Your community really supported you. Your votes were among the highest in the history of NAWBO San Diego. That means something." Felena Hanson, Hera Hub Founder 

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