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Trainings for Your Organization

✔ Are you a business or company with a diverse team?

✔ Interested in enhancing communication skills of your employees and leaders?

✔ Looking for DEI trainings that create long lasting change?

Select from the following training:

  • Communication training: Improve your employee's communication by pairing cultural bias training and Empathy to enhance teamwork and sense of belonging. (Newest)

  • Art of Self Love and Effective Appreciation. This workshop trains your employees to appreciate themselves and others more effectively. Self-compassion has many benefits, such as: reducing anxiety and depression, enhancing resilience and ability to cope with difficult situations, and greater motivation. Appreciating others enhances teamwork, productivity, and a sense of belonging. 

  • Understand & Manage Perfectionism: This training supports your Mental Health efforts. Perfectionists not only burn themselves out but also impact the lives of people around them. We help perfectionists in your team understand and manage their perfectionism and train others to work effectively with perfectionists.


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