"Mehran is an excellent coach. Originally I'm from Slovenia, Europe. In my late 30's, I moved to Perth, Australia and recently moved to the US. I've decided to start my own business here in the US, and Mehran supported me with her wisdom and empowering questions. After every conversation we had, I felt confident in myself, empowered and I knew I can do whatever I choose to. I love working with Mehran because she's very calm, wise, full of experiences and knows how to help you to move forward." Romana, Missouri

"I went to Mehran for anxiety and distress in my professional life. Mehran was so open and welcoming that in our first few session, I openly discussed my fears regarding my sexual intimacy with my husband. Through our sessions, she challenged my perceptions and as a result, my husband and I have a deeper, more meaningful relationship. Not only her coaching allowed me and my husband to openly discuss any issue at hand but it also helped me to be a more successful communicator at work. I can not Thank Mehran enough for her help!"   annonymous, Scientist, Sacramento

"Mehran is an exceptional coach.  During the 3 months that we worked together she consistently 'showed up' for me at every session.  I could always count on her to be in the space with me during our sessions and kept me focused on the subjects or tasks that I had set forth to focus on. She truly cares about her clients and helps them achieve work-life balance in their lives. I would highly recommend Mehran as a coach for anyone!"   Laura, Business owner, Las Vegas

"Talking to Mehran changed my life. She listened to me and challenged my perception of money that I was raised with. As a business owner, that had a huge impact in my life limiting my growth and income. Since working with her, not only my business thrived but also my relationship with my husband improved dramatically!"

Maryam, Business woman, San Fransisco

"Receiving the love from my dad and embracing the joy of him being around is a treasure lost for over two decades. I cannot be more grateful to Mehran whose coaching helped me scatter the clouds of judgment. She enabled me to see my father for who he is before it was too late! This peace enables me to be less judgemental and more loving toward my son

Mohammad, Director, San Antonio

 "Mehran is a great listener who can uncover my feelings behind my words. She uses her skills to help me hear my own inner voice. She can get in my heart, my soul, and my mind! Her intuitive listening skills are precious given how lots of people need to be truly heard. Mehran is the type of coach who not only " listens to you" but also truly hears and support you."

Maral, Happy full-time mom, San Diego

 Mehran is fantastic! Not only is she a highly skilled coach, but she’s so relatable and welcoming. She offered effective strategies and tools to help me move forward in my life. Mehran is also wonderful at holding space for people during sessions. There would be many times when I would need to vent or clear my feelings and thoughts and she would just listen with intent. I would recommend Mehran’s coaching services to anyone looking to improve their lives and feel more confident!"

Emily, Fun Expert, Los Angeles

Before my sessions with Mehran, I felt something was off in my relationships with people at home and work. I read many self-help books and couldn't quite figure out why my friendships didn't last long, sales appointments weren't successful, or why the majority of my conversations with family or friends ended up in an argument!

During my coaching partnership with Mehran, we went deep and found the core of what blocked me from reaching peace and success. My world changed because my feeling, perception, and energy around my communications changed! The beauty of Mehran's work was how personalized my exercises were for me. This made them easy to implement and sustainable! I highly recommend Mehran"  Nicki, Businesswoman, Vancouver

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