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Mehran is an Immigrant, Entrepreneur, Ex-Scientist, Public Speaker, and most importantly a mom.


Mehran was born and raised in Iran and migrated to the States with a single entry dependent visa before she turned 20 with her husband, four bags, $3000 in their pockets, and a big dream.

20 years post their migration, Mehran feels they achieved their goals and more. Together they live in Del Mar, CA, with their young boy pursuing the careers they both feel connected with.  

Mehran holds a Master's degree in biology, and with almost a decade of experience in the biotech industry, and 8 peer-reviewed published articles, she does what she loves the most. Coaching, supporting, and advocating for immigrants and minorities.


In 2016 & 2020, Mehran founded two organizations supporting immigrants, especially women, in different aspects of their lives (enhancing their communication skills, cultural integration, confidence building, business building, leadership,...).


In 2021, Mehran received the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Rising star award for supporting immigrant women in building and expanding their businesses during the pandemic. This extensive work was a collaboration of over 100 entrepreneurs and over 4000 hours of education for immigrants and their children led by Mehran. (Read more here, Khoshhaulam)

Her podcast, Empowering conversationZ , aims to empower immigrants through storytelling, has been downloaded over 17K times worldwide, sharing over 50 different stories, insights, and solutions to immigrants pressing issues.  

Mehran leads San Diego HR Associations' DIBE (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) committee bringing awareness to the HR community on ways to provide equitable opportunities for immigrants & minorities. 



Mehran enjoys "supporting visionary leaders who are unaware of their power and those who are limited by their language, cultural beliefs, or gender roles." She sees leadership in everyone and has supported those seeking it for the past 6 years.

Mehran loves discussing perfectionism, understanding culturally different, and ways to build connected communities where depression, domestic abuse, anger, and hate are eliminated. She strives to build more tolerant, compassionate, and curious communities where people are safe, connected, and claimed.


Mehran is a Motivational speaker, and her work spans Women's leadership, Cross-Cultural Communication, Immigrant empowerment, Perfectionism, and Building confidence for non-native speakers. 

About Me

Fun facts:

She enjoys dancing, hiking, and gardening. She brings her garden flowers inside her home and office and drinks herbal tea at every chance. Meaningful conversations are her love language, and she has a low tolerance for dishonesty.