About Me


"I was born and raised in Iran and moved to the United States with a single entry dependent visa before I turned 20. An absence of family, financial difficulties, cultural differences, language barriers and lack of acceptance were my biggest challenges for many years after immigration.  



Instead of succumbing to challenges, I chose to thrive. A Decade later, I had a Masters degree in Biological Sciences and worked in academic and biotech institutions playing critical roles in drug development for life-threatening diseases. A happy ending? Almost...

While I was fluent in English and very skilled in my field, I struggled to communicate my thoughts and ideas effectively.


I was stressed.


My growth was impacted tremendously.


After years of toleration, I left my well paid corporate job.


I went back to school and immersed myself in books again! This time for a deeper passion.


I founded Empowering conversationZ to InspireChallenge and Empower misfits, minorities and culturally diverse employees to flourish. I inspire them to define their true success, challenge their beliefs, and empower them to speak with confidence and compassion feeling appreciated and energized by their career.

Fun facts about me: outside of Empowering conversationZ, I am a mother, an artist, a blogger, environment and animal lover. I enjoy dancing, hiking, creative cooking, cake decorating, gardening, meditating, herbal tea... anything but sitting down to watch TV!