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I'm Mehran. An Ex-Scientist, Entrepreneur, and award-winning Public Speaker from Iran who's spent the past 6 years studying communication skills, public speaking, and perfectionism.

I migrated in 2001 with limited English and a single entry visa with my husband despite my will. Not only I didn't know the language, but also I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life... 23 years later, I have a Master's degree in biology,  almost a decade of experience in academic and biotech industry, 8 peer-reviewed published articles, 2 entrepreneurship journeys, an English podcast, and a meaningful life.


More about me...


I have taken every training out there on public speaking and have coached adults and youth speakers and even TEDx speakers to show up confidently, but haven't been on the TEDx stage myself yet. :)


Recipient of the Rising Star Award for supporting over 100 immigrant women in building and expanding their businesses during the pandemic.


Competed against 1000s of speakers & won multiple awards at the Toastmasters International Speech Competition including district level.


Led the San Diego HR Associations' DIBE (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) committee for two years, bringing awareness to the topics that impact people of color at work.


Being born and raised in Iran, migration, entrepreneurship, parenthood, my podcast, and the American Culture impact who I am today. I don't take my journey lightly and I speak about it whenever I can.

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I share the untold stories of immigrants to increase awareness about our issues and ultimately enhance our belonging in our new home.  


Love reading self-development books, novels, and memoirs (especially life stories of courageous women of color). 


Parenthood is challenging_especially for those of us who were raised in another culture. Communication is key to bridging two cultures. 


I'm an avid tea drinker and a gardener. I bring my flowers inside to brew my own homemade teas. that's why at the beginning of every podcast episode, I invite you to grab your cup of tea, because I always have mine.

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