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Unheard Story of Deaf Immigrant

Communication is one of our biggest challenges as an immigrant. But exactly how big of a challenge it is for someone born deaf and had to go through the obstacles of immigration. I had never thought about it until I met Empowering conversationZ guest Dr. Rouzbeh Ghahreman, an immigrant from Iran. In our 26th episode, Dr. Ghahreman talked about his journey, why he left his country, and the obstacles he faced as a minority with an invisible disability as a student and educator both in Iran and Canada.

"To us, audism is as unacceptable as sexism, racism, and other forms of discrimination and bigotry," Dr. Rouzbeh Ghahreman

Dr. Ghahreman's story is truly inspirational and eye-opening for many reasons.

  • He learns English and American Sign Language, both under nine months.

  • He pursues higher education, earns a Ph.D. in education, and teaches American Sign Language and Deaf Culture to hear non-hearing students at the University of Alberta.

  • He talks about the present discriminations such as Audism and ways to mitigate them.

  • He talks about Alexander Graham Bell and how the deaf community detests him.

  • How the pandemic and shift toward virtual meetings has impacted his career as an educator.

  • How disability is ones mind rather than physical impairment.

“Disability is in our mind.” Dr.Rouzbeh Ghahreman

He also have a Farsi interview in case you would like to know more about him.

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