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Tips for immigrants to Improve their Communication Skills

Mehran is a communication coach helping countless immigrants and minorities improve their communication skills and their presentation abilities at work. In this episode, Mehran, the Empowering conversationZ podcast host, shares the story of the very first time she spoke English with a native English speaker. She describes those shameful moments and the journey of becoming fluent in English, plus the tips that she gives her clients on improving their language skills while using the wisdom of her previous successful immigrant guests.

In short, she educates her audience on the following points.

1) Tap into your Courage. We often have to repeat ourselves or spell out words when people don’t understand us as second language speakers. There will be many shameful moments, but as non-native speakers, we need to talk courageously.

2) Accept your Accent instead of trying to get rid of it! I know many immigrants whose growth is affected by their judgment of their language skills. Unfortunately, most are women! If you have been listening to Empowering conversationZ podcast interviews for the past 45 episodes, you know accent is not the block.

Because most successful immigrants on the show, including Fredric Cherau or Kleanthis Xanthopolous, founders of several biotech companies, had thick accents. They never thought of their accents as a limiting factor. It is something else. And I share that in my episode.

3) Prepare because preparation prevents poor performance! If you have to go over a presentation or speech 60X more than a non-native speaker, Do it! Do it if you have to study the textbook 3x to understand the concept! Prepare for your important meeting with your boss extensively if you need to. Because that enhances your resilience and persistence and ensures your long-term success.

4) Seek help. The path will be long and tedious. With the support of coaches like myself, you can develop your communication skills that ensure earning additional income, feeling appreciated and connected at work, being recognized for your hard work, and finding a balance between work and life. In other words, you can feel confident again in your new home.

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