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Immigrant's guide in Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong, that you are an imposter waiting to be found?

If so, during the 44th episode of Empowering conversationZ, Mehran Sorourian interviewed Kim Meninger, an expert in training corporate women and men on imposter syndrome.

Kim describes imposter syndrome as the sense of “I’m not good enough even if to the outside world, we are doing great.” According to research, 70% of the population experience a sense of inadequacy during their lifetime. However, she believes the percentages must be higher, and the 70% statistic “is an underestimate.”

When asked who experiences imposter syndrome the most? Competitive, high achievers, and perfectionists are at the highest risk according to Kim. She believes despite women talking openly about it; men also experience it. But because of the different messages they received from birth, men don’t recognize an imposter syndrome in themselves. Instead, they overcompensate for it by being the loudest person in the room.