Enhance your Leadership ability

Leadership starts with taking an active role in building our own lives

and knowing our own selves while building our skills!

Let me support you in this journey. I will guide you through:

  • Identify your leadership strengths  

  • Identify leadership weaknesses 

  • Enhance interpersonal communication skills

  • Learn effective cross-cultural communication techniques

  • Improve listening skills

  • Become a respected & influential contributor

  • Grow professionally & personally 

  • Feel fulfilled and happy 


Why me?

✔Led two businesses as a female immigrant 

✔Led DEI committee at San Diego HR association

✔Recognized as a Rising Star Entrepreneur by NAWBO San Diego

✔ Trained countless immigrants and entrepreneurs in building their influence

✔ Interviewed many Board members and CEOs on my show

✔ Inspired, Educated, and Motivated people through my Podcast, Webinar series, and speeches

✔ Attended hundreds of workshops and seminars by esteemed leaders

✔ Certified professional coach with a Master's in Science

Learned firsthand from Influential leaders such as:

  • J.P. Million Board member of CVS health

  • Magda Marquet, Founder of Althea Dx

  • Kleanthis Xanthopolous, 5x CEO of Biotech

  • Fredrick Cherau, Founder of Biotech

  • Jane Leu, Founder of Upwardly Global

  • Jina Krause-Vilmar, President of Upwardly Global

  • Mohammad Oskoorouchi, Associate Dean of CSUSM

  • and many, many more...


A better question might be...

If not me, then who?

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What My Client's Say?

Smiling Woman

Jamie, Nurse

 با توخودم رو بهتر شناختم ، یادگرفتم افکار و احساساتم رو بر واقعیت منطبق کنم ، نفوذ م بر زندگی خودم و بر دیگران رو زیاد کنم ، روابطم رو با دیگران بهتر کنم ،ضعف ها و قوتهام رو بشناسم .


به ضعف ها غلبه کنم و قوت هام رو گسترش بدم .در کارم یاد گرفتم از تجربه جدید نترسم ،کم کم جلو برم و داشته هام رو زیاد کنم ، من فهمیدم من میتونم غیرممکن رو ممکن کنم    

Young Woman with Mask

Annonymous, Group Leader

I manage a large team and every time I seek Mehran's opinion about my team, she gives me a perspective I've never thought about. She has developed my EQ and helped me be a compassionate leader instead of a frustrated boss. My communication skills has improved tremendously which helped me manage the chaos during and post pandemic. I also learned to take better care of myself. 

Portrait of Smiling Woman

Maryam, Leader

One of my ambitions is to be an excellent leader and Mehran’s guidance always sets me on the right path to achieve this goal. I feel the difference in my leadership skills since I started to have Mehran as my career coach. It is an excellent opportunity to have her support in improving my communication and networking skills. I cannot emphasize enough on how much her approach has been effective in boosting my confidence in work meetings and on public occasions.

Option1: Together we plan and strategize regardless of your cultural teachings, personality, and any mental barriers you have