5 Lessons from a successful immigrant: Dr. Nelson Chau

Dr. Nelson Chau is a successful immigrant with contributions in discovering and developing multiple pre-clinical RNA based therapeutics. Serving as Vice President of Discovery Biology and Translational research at Logic Bio Therapeutics, Nelson was born and raised in Hong Kong. In our conversation, he shared the keys to his success as an immigrant thriving in a competitive environment. Below are some of the secrets that Nelson shared with Empowering conversationZ audience:

1. Nelson gave many examples of how his attitude supported his growth. I selected a few

  • Developing a thick skin is essential in ones growth. So try your best to not let any comments stick, Good or Bad.

  • Being mindful of the different perspectives for in every scenario. he learned in Midwest that “No matter how thin is the pancake, there is always two sides to it.” an example of that is when waiting in a bus stop at -50F, you can self pity or you can look at the situation as something you need to experience to appreciate many things in life.

2. According to Nelson, those developing their careers based on passion have stronger work ethics and don’t count their work hours. They enjoy putting the extra time and effort in learning and developing their careers.

3. Nelson’s Graduate adviser taught him the importance of helping others and sharing ideas despite being in a competitive environment. “95% of people don’t actually actively try to sabotage your career or try to steal your things [ideas]. So why not just take a chance.” That continues to be Nelson’s experience.

4. Despite his cultural upbringing, Nelson adopted an egalitarian culture and advocates this message “in a discussion no one pull rank but someone eventually need to make a call and that someone will eventually be responsible and accountable for that call”

5.Nelson advises the immigrants to invest in friendships, especially from one’s own culture. While Nelson keeps his friends diverse, he believes friends from one’s own culture play an important role during tough times. Simply because they understand and support you in ways others can’t.

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