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Tips for Immigrants Who Want to Get Involved in their New Community

Immigrants who are still settling in may be looking for new ways to connect with others during this time of transition. This could mean establishing new relationships in their new home, but it could also mean finding opportunities to stay in better contact with loved ones in their country of origin. Making and preserving these social bonds can be important for one’s overall well-being, and a good way to stay positive.

Empowering conversationZ shares some suggestions for immigrants looking for volunteer opportunities in their communities, as well as ideas for staying in touch back home.

Volunteer with cultural, historical, or arts organizations.

Getting involved with cultural, historical, and arts organizations is an excellent way for you to make new friends in a positive and inspiring atmosphere, while also serving your community. Look for museums near you where your interests might be a good fit and find out if they have volunteer programs. There will probably be some training involved, but the training itself is likely to be enriching – as will the whole volunteer experience. Getting the whole family involved in volunteer work at a museum gives you all a chance both to serve and to be inspired.

See whether there are volunteer opportunities at area schools.

If your child