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Public Speaking for Teens & Young Adults

Perhaps you have experienced getting up in front of a group to do a presentation or oral report only to freeze and forget everything that you had prepared.


I have. Many times!


As a child or even as a scientist. I allowed my nervousness and self-doubt to creep in and take over. This was especially hard as a non-native speaker. According to research, public speaking and debate are still what many adults and children find dreadful regardless of their English fluency. 

That’s why I believe mastering the art of public speaking should be taught to children and young adults. 

Through 1:1 or group training, I teach public speaking skills to Teens & young adults because:

Public Speaking for Teens and young adults enhances their:

Academic Performance


Listening Skills

Critical Thinking

Social Connections


Why me?

✔ Award-winning Public speaker 

✔ Public speaking trainer & mentor to executives & coaches

✔ Ex-Scientist & analytical thinker with 8+ published peer-reviewed journals

✔ Podcaster with 50+ episodes and 17K downloads

✔ Mom to a Teenager & mentor to many young adults. So I understand ;)

As a certified professional coach, I've supported countless individuals to communicate effectively and professionally. I can help you too!

What My Client's Say?

Woman Working on Laptop


With your help, my son can confidently present his projects at school. and that's not all! He became a better listener at home as well. THANK YOU!

Portrait of Smiling Woman


I could see a difference within a session. My son walked out of your office more confident than I have ever seen him. Can't wait to see his progress in the next few months!

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