Enhancing your Communication skills

Lack of communication skills is the #1 feedback my clients receive from their managers affecting their Growth, Income, and Confidence.

Let us teach you how to:

  • Speak up with the maximum impact

  • Communicate effectively across cultures

  • Showcase your technical ability companywide

  • Resolve conflict professionally

  • Create respectful boundaries

  • Earn a higher income

  • Feel valued and appreciated at work

        Regardless of the cultural beliefs instilled in you or your lack of English fluency!        


Why me?

✔Migrated as an adult with limited English 

✔Worked in academic and industry settings

✔Built two businesses interacting with clients, shareholders, CEOs

✔Lead DEI committee at San Diego HR association

✔ Podcaster with 50+ episodes and 17K downloads

✔Motivational Speaker, Trainer, accomplished entrepreneur


As a certified professional coach, I've supported countless immigrants & minorities to communicate effectively and professionally with people of different backgrounds. I can help you too!

Let's work together to strategize regardless of your cultural teachings, personality, and shape your future.