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Speak & Connect

Communication skills are the #1 skill to learn for professional growth and development and for enhancing our network.
This is a bigger need for those of us coming from different cultures, especially if English is not our first language! We help you enhance your confidence in a safe, encouraging environment.

Learn how to connect with people around you through daily conversations (90%). Learn the basics of public speaking 10%! 

This course is the best for those with English as their second language.
Those intimidated by Toastmasters groups or Those who prefer smaller groups.

8 Sessions
8 Wednesdays at 6:30pm PST
Starting from March 27th through May 15th


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Why me?

✔Migrated as an adult with limited English, knowing the pain of isolation

✔Motivational Speaker, Trainer, accomplished entrepreneur

✔ Award Winning speaker at Toastmasters International

✔ Podcaster with 50+ episodes and 17K downloads

✔Lead DEI committee Chair at San Diego HR association

As a certified professional coach, I've supported countless immigrants & minorities to communicate effectively and professionally with people of different backgrounds. I can help you, too!

What My Client's Say?

Woman with Short Blond Hair

Mahnaz M, Senior Scientist 

توی این ۶ جلسه ایی که با شما خصوصی کار کردم، اعتماد به نفس من بالا رفت. ابزارهای زیادی برای بهبود لهجه و افزایش تسلط بر زبان انگلیسی خودم پیدا کردم.اانگار به یه اعتماد بنفس تازه ایی حرف میزنم. 

Man with Headphones

annonymous, Professional

Your classes are Fun and i leave energized everytime after we meet. I come out of my shell while learning new things every session.

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