Tragedy Shook Immigrants Woman's Life

Azita Khatami moved to the states with the hopes of creating a better future for her boys unaware of the accident awaiting for her. The tragic accident that took away her husband, her rock and the sole provider of the household.

Azita was a stay home mother both in Iran and in the states. With her husband, they maintained the traditional separation of house responsibilities even after their migration. While her husband worked in Iran and provided for her family who were living in the states, Azita was responsible for creating a nurturing environment for her family.

Until she heard the news.

On may 11th, 2013 she received the news that shook her life. Azita lost her husband in a car accident back home. She moved back for the funeral but decided to keep her promise to her husband and raise her boys in their dream country.

Life was extremely difficult. Not only she missed her husband deeply but also felt a heavy burden to support her kids, emotionally and financially.

While grieving her loss, she found her potential and grew in many aspects of her life. Not only she learned English, continued her education, managed family’s finances, worked to provide for her family but also maintained her role of a nurturing mother she always was.

This week’s Empowering conversationZ podcast was an inspiring, emotionally engaging story of a woman from the Middle East who never believed in her abilities. An eye opening story of a traditional family with clear division of labor. In this episode, Azita talks about how did her husbands love disabled her to understand the real meaning of life.

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