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She Fought it and she made it! Despite the odds...

Azita Khatami moved to the states with the hopes of creating a better future for her two boys, unaware that her own life would be transformed the most.

Azita was a stay-at-home mother in Iran and the states. With her husband taking full responsibility for outside work, she took it upon herself to create a nurturing environment for her family at home. Even after migration, they tried to separate their responsibilities; her husband worked in Iran and provided for his family. She lived in the states with their boys and made sure their transition to the new environment was as smooth as possible until a distant cousin appeared at her door one evening.

That's when she heard the news.

The news changed her life!

On May 11th, 2013, she lost her husband in a car accident back in Iran, leaving her and the boys alone.

Although she had a choice to move back home and live a comfortable life, she decided to stay and fulfill her promise to her late husband, raising their boys in their dreamland.

"We shouldn't think there is someone out of ourselves to give us love, to give us care. That was the emptiness that happened to me!" Azita

Not knowing English, limited work experience, and lack of education in the states, made surviving harder, but she was determined to make it work.

While grieving, she found her potential and grew in many aspects of her life. She learned English, continued her education, managed the family's finances, worked to provide for her family, and maintained her role of the nurturing mother she always was.

"My husband's love disabled me to understand the real meaning of life." Azita

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