Refuge for Sexually Abused

Two immigration, rape, and witnessing the impact of the Rwandan genocide could break the soul of any little girl. Through her third immigration to the united states, she and part of her family found a refuge, a safe place to call home. At 14, she packed her life and moved to Michigan, leaving her mom and her sibling back home.

Welcomed in her small community and rejected by many, she faced a new challenge. They taught her to hate other blacks, which resulted in her identity crisis. Instead of succumbing to the many obstacles, Empowering conversationZ guest, Tabitha Mpamira overcame them and build a coalition to face the fears she once felt.

In this episode, she talks about her immigration journey, her struggles as a teenage girl learning to hate herself, and of course her journey to creating her non-profit organization and its many achievements.

During the episode, she passionately talked about EDJA, the organization where survivors of sexual assault in Uganda found refuge, free medical, legal, and mental health services as well as the social support they never felt in life.

Aside from over 200 children’s lives changed by her efforts, the personal journey she faced is something she relishes for the rest of her life.

To impact more lives and create a bigger change, EDJA merged with Nyaka Global, resulting in its rapid growth and expansion to reach victims in rural Uganda.

For her efforts, she won the People’s Choice Waislitz Award and was recognized by Global Citizen in 2018.

Documentaries like Victors: Singing to the Lions depicted her work and her foundation globally and in the United Nations Association of New York.

I highly recommended this episode for those thinking about doing something greater than themselves and feeling time is not right for them. Or those with a trauma waiting to be addressed in life

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Her Tedx talk “Trauma not transformed is trauma transferred.” is by far one of my favorite ones, and it makes me think about the baton I Am passing on my child every single day, Something we discuss heavily during our conversation in the interview.

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