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Recharge and get back on track, Emotionally, Financially, Professionally

Are you tired of quarantine? Needing more human connection? I mean, real physical connection, not through zoom or any other app? As a parent, do you feel exhausted from all the responsibilities you took? Are you worried about job loss or your financial well-being?

It would help if you listened to the most downloaded episode as we talk about burnout.

First, let me explain what burnout is?

It is emotional exhaustion that prevents you from being productive and efficient. When you feel overwhelmed and hopeless, you feel depressed and drained.

During the first part of this episode, we talk about burnout and its impact on us. I also provide you with many solutions that can help you extensively, both for yourself and ways to manage your children's energy while using the screen.

In the second part of the episode, I talk with a financial advisor who gives you many insights on common mistakes people make during the pandemic and beyond. By avoiding those mistakes, you can reduce stress and enhance your financial security for years to come. So make sure you listen and implement Dimitris Magemenea's valuable suggestions.

If you are laid off, you can listen to part of the conversation where Dr. Magda Marquet, our guest on the 13th episode, a founder & CEO of a large biotech company, talks about her recent experience with lay off. She shares many insights as to how to cope with possible layoffs and ways to strive after a layoff.

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