Recharge and get back on track, Emotionally, Financially, Professionally

Are you tired of quarantine? Needing more human connection? I mean real physical connection, not through zoom or any other app? As a parent do you feel exhausted from all the additional responsibilities you took? Are you worried about job loss or your financial well being?

If so you need to listen to the complete episode.

There must be a reason why this episode is downloaded more than any other Empowering conversationZ episode so far.

First, let me explain what burnout is?

It is the emotional exhaustion that prevents you from being productive and efficient. It is the feeling of overwhelm, the hopelessness, and the depression that leaves you drained.

In this episode, I talk extensively about the causes of burnout especially during the pandemic and ways to treat it. As a working parent I have no doubt that you would find this episode extremely valuable because not only it gives you insight on ways to treat your burnout, but also ways to engage your kids while developing your kids' cognitive abilities using their screen time.

With 40 million people unemployed and our financial well being on the line, I interviewed an experienced financial advisor who shared the common mistakes people make during this time. By avoiding those mistakes, you can reduce stress and enhance your financial security.

Also, since being laid off is a major concern for many, I interviewed Magda who is a founder and CEO of a large Biotech company to give us an insight into what to do. Having to lay off some of her employees recently, she shared how to cope with a possible layoff and how to strive after a layoff.

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