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Perfectionism, Know it and Manage it in yourself and in your relationships

Are you a perfectionist? Do you interact with one as a manager or a spouse? If so, you want to listen to this special episode of Empowering conversationZ. I delve into distinct types of perfectionism, causes, advantages, and disadvantages, along with many solutions to mitigate the pain for both the perfectionist and one who interacts with a perfectionist regularly. All, according to research!

Here is a glimpse of the podcast.

According to clinical psychologists Flett and Hewitt, there are three types of perfectionism: self-oriented, other-oriented, and socially prescribed.

While perfectionism is on the rise, those raised with strict parents have to be more mindful of perfectionism’s struggles and raise kids willing to try unfamiliar experiences and fail more.

While the majority consider perfectionists highly focused achievers with solid attention to detail, creating impeccable products, they are flawed in many ways. Their constant desire to receive approval from others and their lack of internal satisfaction because of lofty standards they set for a product or a work cause them immense stress, leading to low efficiency and burnout. If not developed, perfectionists procrastinate and abandon ideas before conception due to the pressure they put on themselves to create a “perfect” outcome. They are usually weak team players, holding up work because of their low trust for others.

One of the biggest challenges perfe