Brainwashed to Harvard, Story of a Forensic Pshychiatrist

Michael migrated with his mom from South Korea when he was 5 years old.

The two of them struggled!

Leaving behind family, personal business, a house with maids, and drivers to live in a single bedroom apartment was not a simple decision. Especially because they had no family or friends and weren’t able to speak English.

But they had no choice… He remembers those days. He remembers hearing his mom cry through the nights, wondering if she made the right decision. What if she stayed and tolerated the situation. But as a tiger mom she persisted, and she pushed Michael to achieve.

Together they bought a chicken restaurant where Michael helped his mom after school. He lifted chicken boxes and played the manager’s role when his friends went out to play baseball. He missed dad. Money was a constant challenge. Having to translate for his mom, he first learned about depositions and the legal systems at 16 when one of their employees filed a claim. There was no other choice but to step up!

The chicken business, his mom’s brainwashing strategies along with Michael's hard work resulted in becoming a forensic psychiatrist with a degree from Harvard. Their arduous life helped Michael to develop a simple approach toward life and happiness. During our interview not only he shared their struggles in detail but also his main guiding principals that resulted into his happiness and peace. He has many messages for parents with young immigrant kids. Among them, he believes adversity builds character and aim for a less perfect life.

Listen to Michael and his uplifting energy for life and learn many lessons to be a peaceful immigrant.

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