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Essential Attitudes to Become Successful in Any Transition

Immigration is the greatest transition. For an immigrant, the first few years are hard and traumatic, impacting their social and emotional well-being. Their confidence is shaken as learned skills are not translatable in the new environment. They need to navigate their way using a new language in an unfamiliar culture without their network or family support. Adding to their stress is uncertainty over visa status and a restrictive work permit. This amounts to an enormous obstacle for an immigrant.

Despite these obstacles, immigrants' rate of success is surprisingly high! Recent statistics show almost half of Fortune 500 companies were founded by an immigrant or the child of an immigrant. 44/100 top Fortune 100 companies were founded by first- or second-generation immigrants including Ford, Apple and AT&T. Coincidence? It is not! Only 14.4% of the American population is an immigrant and 11.7% is second generation! This means leaving it to chance alone, only 26% of the Fortune companies should have a first- or second-generation immigrant as a founder. That is almost half of the current statistics!

A study by the American Immigration Council reported immigrants are twice as likely to become entrepreneurs compared to their American counterparts. Also,