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How to Succeed as an Immigrant: Dr. Nelson Chau

Dr. Nelson Chau is a successful immigrant with contributions in discovering and developing multiple pre-clinical RNA based therapeutics. Serving as Vice President of Discovery Biology and Translational research at Logic Bio Therapeutics, Nelson was born and raised in Hong Kong. In our conversation, he shared the keys to his success as an immigrant thriving in a competitive environment.

Below are some of the secrets that Nelson shared with Empowering conversationZ audience:

1. Nelson gave many examples of how his attitude supported his growth. For example developing a thick skin is essential in ones growth. How about from today, "try your best to not let any comments stick to you, Good or Bad."

2. According to Nelson, those developing their careers based on passion have stronger work ethics and don’t count their work hours. They enjoy putting the extra time and effort in learning and developing their careers. This results into career growth & success in long term.