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What You Need to Learn as a Minority Leader

Dr.Magda Marquet is the first woman inducted into the Connect Entrepreneur Hall of fame. San Diego business journal names her one of the architects of the local life science sector. She migrated to San Diego 34 years ago with little intention to stay and create the level of impact she had. Together with her husband, they built one of the region's largest contract manufacturers before selling it in 2014. Later, they founded ALMA life sciences LLC. which supports over 20 life sciences companies here in San Diego. She is a board member of multiple traded and private organizations and mentors female leaders who aspire to reach board-level positions. So if you want to learn from a female leader, listen to this episode!

Empowering conversationZ podcast was honored to host Dr. Magda Marquet, who shared her immigration journey and her path to reach her current position.

Sharing her obstacles, Dr. Marquet gave many insights into women and minorities looking to grow.

"I mean as women, I think we tend to, and I did that for many years in my career. I tended to put myself in the situation that we are saying, Oh, because I'm a woman, I kinda do this, I kinda do that…" and you know it's just not true. So I think it's very important for all of us, not just women but all of us, to look at our beliefs and see is it really true? And which ones are helping me or which ones I need to let go of?"

During the interview, she emphasized the impact our mindset plays on our growth and how we as individuals can create limitations for our growth. When asked whether she felt a growth cap because of her gender, Dr. Marquet responded

"I think that all of us can sometimes be our worst enemies. So if there is a cap, it's going to be the cap that I put myself on."

Also, based on her experience as a leader and mentor to many female CEOs and board members, she shared many tips on female leadership, confidence, perfectionism while answering many of our audiences' questions regarding issues minorities face at work.

This episode is a must for every female leader trying to lead her way in the masculine environment.

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