Decode your team culture with J.P Millon

With 35 years of experience as a healthcare executive in companies such as Eli Lilly, Empowering conversationZ guest was J.P Millon, an immigrant from France. Given his current role as a board member to CVS Health and many other organizations, our listeners learned tremendously from his leadership style, his decision-making process, his cross-cultural teachings, and his vision for the future of female and minority leaders.

In this episode, J.P shared his journey as an expat, his challenges during his transitions, and his vision of success. His idea of a successful CEO is: “The genuine concern, the communication skills, the ability to integrate different inputs, to bring the team together, not to overreact, I think those are traits that are crucial to making the right decision at a CEO position.”

Another highlight of our conversation was his suggestions regarding acquisitions and mergers. Given his extensive experience and involvement in mergers up to a billion dollars in the states and around the world, he gave many valuable insights on merging the company and its culture.

Ultimately, J.P shares his learning as a cross-cultural leader as someone who lead teams in the states and across the globe. He shares his tips and tricks in leading effectively, extracting useful information from every individual while deciding collectively while maintaining an inclusive culture.

This week’s Empowering conversationZ podcast was educational for those with high aspirations. For those striving to improve their leadership skills and their cross cultural communication skills.

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