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Decode your team culture with J.P Millon

As an independent director of CVS Caremark Corp. and a retired president and CEO of PCS Health Systems, Inc, Jean-Pierre Millon has over 35 years of experience as a healthcare executive. He held several global leadership positions with Eli Lilly and served as a board member to various public and private organizations. He has also been involved in mergers and acquisitions of up to $6 billion.

In this conversation, J.P and I talked about his migration from France to the States, his leadership style, his decision-making process, his cross-cultural learnings, and his vision for the future of female and minority leaders.

"The genuine concern, the communication skills, the ability to integrate different inputs, to bring the team together, not to overreact, I think those are traits that are crucial to making the right decision at a CEO position." J.P Millon

Another highlight of our conversation was successfully merging two companies' cultures.

He also educated our listeners to become cross-cultural leaders who can listen to others from different backgrounds and cultures, utilizing their creativity to make collective decisions regardless of their physical location.

We also talked about empowering minorities, what it takes, and what we should do.

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