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Challenges of Career Women; Going back to work after baby or Stay home?

  • Are you coming from a culture that taking care of kids is mom’s primary job?

  • Are you debating between staying home or going back after delivery?

  • Do you feel guilty going to work while your colleagues drop off their infants in daycare and go to work peacefully?

If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, this article can bring some clarity…

As a Middle Eastern-American woman, I was raised by a stay home mother. My mom took care of everything house related. She cooked, cleaned, took us to classes, managed the social events and did most of the disciplining while my dad financially supported us. We lived a comfortable life. Most of our friends and relatives had similar family structure and dynamics. Once I got pregnant, despite the comments on staying home for first 2 years, I planned on returning right after my paid maternity was over. My mother who was visiting me at the time was supporting me in this decision. As an educated women I had aspirations to grow and contribute. I worked to the night of my delivery and started working once my boy was about 3 months old. A month later things took a turn and I stayed home for over a year…

Just days after I got back to work and was getting used to pumping at work and developing a new routine, my husband got a permanent job offer and we decided to move cross country, from New York to San Diego. During the process of moving, house hunting, getting settled, finding friends, and transitioning from academic position to an industry setting, I ended up staying home for about a year. Ev