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A Unique Way To Create Connections!

  • Are you planning to meet someone that has an unusual name which makes you wonder about their country of origin?

  • Do you want to stand out in the crowd when connecting with them?

  • Do you ask them the sensitive question "Where are you from in order to connect?"

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, you want to read this post to the end!

I was at Starbucks a few days back and despite the cashier's effort to spell my name right; he had it all wrong. When my name was called, I almost didn’t want to pick up my Americano. As an energy leadership coach, I thought to myself; I can create an opportunity out of this unintentional mistake. Instead of getting angry at the employee, I smiled, picked up my coffee and said; “That’s me, I am a Moran!” And laughed. Seeing my sense of humor, few others joined, and the cashier apologized for his hastiness and lack of attention to write my name: M E H R A N!

As an immigrant of almost 2 decades, I'm accustomed to all different names I am given and the different ways my name is pronounced. Compared to the challenges I faced as an immigrant, my name, and its uniqueness is minisqual! I rarely spend my energy on correcting others to pronounce my name well. Over the years, there were only a handful of people who pronounced my name right and I know them by name!

There were periods I changed my name to Megan to avoid being different or my name being butchered. and that’s only my first name! Forget my last name…Sorourian (soh-roh-ree-ahn) My last name is so “difficult” that It became strange to me…