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4 Techniques to Boost Your Energy During tough times!

Exactly a year ago yesterday, I got to proudly participate in my first election as a U.S citizen after 16 years of residency ! How ecstatic I was to see a woman as the first female president of the U.S. with my vote. And how disappointing was the outcome... As a middle eastern immigrant woman who deeply cared about women influence and leadership, I was furious, disappointed ,and depressed beyond words.

I first thought of writing about the emotional charge of Trump election but something changed my mind...

For a minute I thought, what would be different? The outcome is what it is! Trump would still be the president... Why would I even be angry at him or at the people who voted for him or those who didn't vote for Hillary. I clearly don' t understand them and their point of view as much as they don't understand mine. Granted I never even listened to them because of my internal believes around who Trump is, his values, attitudes, etc...

So, instead of focusing on all that negativity, I decided to focus on being grateful and optimistic! Immediately I thought, optimistic for what? For having a orange headed, anti woman, anti immigrant, anti environment, anti almost any thing that I stood for? But what could I do... There are times that the only control we can exert is on our personal thoughts and not have the circumstances impact our daily routine.

These are 4 different strategies that can pump some positivity down your veins without suppressing what you might be feeling right now.