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What to Do When Passed for Promotion?

Were you surprised about not getting promoted to the point of writing your resignation letter?

I hear you; it’s difficult. We all want to succeed and grow in our jobs especially if it is a job that is meaningful to us or a project we love. I too had a similar experience, and it hurts!

I remember the day vividly.

It was Dec 3rd. I was staying extra to finish an important experiment when I got an email notification titled “promotions”. Excited, I opened it. In the list, there were names, pictures, new titles and contributions of those promoted. My picture wasn’t there. I scrolled down the list several times. I wondered whether they didn’t have my picture, so I checked the names. My name wasn’t there! Due to the number of those promoted, this took forever. 40% of our small company was promoted, but I wasn’t one of them!

My heart sank.