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An Important Lesson From an Unfit Boss!

Are you a perfectionist? Do you interact with one as a manager or a spouse? If so, you want to listen to this special episode of Empowering conversationZ. I delve into distinct types of perfectionism, causes, advantages, and disadvantages, along with many solutions to mitigate the pain for both the perfectionist and one who interacts with a perfectionist regularly. All, according to research!

Here is a glimpse of the podcast.

I am a scientist by nature and culture. I come from a culture that is mostly analytical and constantly searches to improve things. Some believe it's a left-brain dominance. As a result of this trait, I was generally hypercritical of events and the people around me. Who was affected the most? Myself! How? Anything that had to do with my emotion and right brain was a challenge. I lost many close friendships and rarely developed long-term relationships because of my expectations of how it was supposed to be. I was constantly searching to find the right way, right words, right friends, right work that I missed what was the "right" cost me.

I saw more wrong than right!