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Life Coaching

Raising kids Are you looking to slow down in life or speed up, set and achieve meaningful goals, or create a life filled with purpose and fulfillment?

Our life coaching services are here to guide you on your journey to personal and professional transformation.

We Offer:

As your life coach, I will provide one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs and goals. I will work with you to identify your strengths, overcome challenges, create a roadmap for success, and, most importantly, celebrate you. Together, we will set clear, achievable goals (personal, professional, health, or business-related) and support you in achieving them every step of the way. I will help you cultivate a positive mindset, boost your self-esteem, develop healthy boundaries, and so much more ...


Why me?

✔ Certified professional coach with 6+years of coaching experience

✔ Result-driven individual with a track record of success

✔ Award-winning Speaker and business owner

✔ Communication trainer & business minded entrepreneur

✔ Coached 100s of individuals create the life they desire

What My Client's Say?

Woman Working

 Annonymous, Educator

"I am one of the many Iranian women whom Mehran supported during the pandemic to build and expand our businesses.

Mehran is extremely supportive, generous, and kind. She goes above and beyond to support me.

Mehran spent hours listening to me, guiding me, and believing in me when no one, including my own family, didn't.

I'm forever grateful to her!"

Woman with White Shirt

Romana, Missouri

"Mehran is an excellent coach. Originally I'm from Slovenia, Europe. In my late 30's, I moved to Perth, Australia, and recently moved to the US. I've decided to start my own business here in the US, and Mehran supported me with her wisdom and empowering questions. After every conversation we had, I felt confident in myself and empowered and I knew I can do whatever I choose to. I love working with Mehran because she's very calm, wise, full of experience, and knows how to help you to move forward."

Woman with White Shirt

Jamie, San Diego 

"You helped me flourish.


 با توخودم رو بهتر شناختم ، یادگرفتم افکار و احساساتم رو بر واقعیت منطبق کنم ، نفوذ م بر زندگی خودم و بر دیگران رو زیاد کنم ، روابطم رو با دیگران بهتر کنم ،ضعف ها و قوتهام رو بشناسم . به ضعف ها غلبه کنم و قوت هام رو گسترش بدم .در کارم یاد گرفتم از تجربه جدید نترسم ،کم کم جلو برم و داشته هام رو زیاد کنم ، من فهمیدم من میتونم غیرممکن رو ممکن کنم . تغییری که خیلی واضح بود این بود که ترس از شروع داشتم مخصوصا به خاطر اینکه انگلیسی زبان دوم من بود ، شروع کردم! اشتباه داشتم ولی یاد گرفتم

.از اشتباه نترسم و اون رو فرصتی برای یادگرفتن بکنم ، در حال حاضر توی محل کارم یکی از نیروهای خوبم

I will hold your hands and support you as you reach your goals.

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