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A little about me...

I emigrated to the U.S on a single entry dependent visa with my husband. Together, we moved around for his career dreams and aspirations, neglecting my own. I became a scientist and worked for almost a decade in academic and biotech institutions, underpaid, overworked, and internally dissatisfied. Never knowing what is right for me. A bad boss came to the rescue! He made my life miserable enough that I decided to quit with the support of my husband.

This time leading my life purposefully and passionately.


  • Two entrepreneurship journies empowering immigrants, minorities, and middle eastern women to:

    • Communicate effectively at work across different cultures

    • Explore career opportunities and make successful transitions living balanced lives

    • Lead effectively regardless of cultural teachings 

    • Supported 100+ immigrant entrepreneurs in building & expanding businesses​

  • My own podcast and webinar series

  • Several awards,...

  • Newfound love and appreciation for my husband and the life we built together.

  • True satisfaction waking up to do what I enjoy doing the most.


Weekly Webinar (Farsi)
شروع دوباره

On weekly basis, we bring Farsi-speaking guests to talk about various topics:

- Mental Health

- Professional Development

- Parenting

- Diversity & Inclusion

- Biz Development

- Domestic violence

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Immigrant Podcast

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Downloaded 17000X across the world
With 45+ episodes on immigrant issues
Empowering conversationZ podcast is a valuable complementary educational resource for the immigrant community & those willing to learn from immigrants' resilience, culture, and beyond.

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Possibilities are ENDLESS once you choose to lead. The question is...
Are you ready?
Because you have
 several options to START.

  Impactful Recorded Workshops!  


How to deal with "Bad Bosses" & when to leave them


Fear of Failure. 
(ترس از شکست)


Manage your Perfectionism
(کنترل کمالگرایی)

  Deep & Interactive Journies!  

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Powerful Private Coaching!


Company & Business Trainings

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Group Coaching
زنان توانمند)

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