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Are you Grieving alone?
Your mood is affected by the events happening in Iran and around the world unable to focus and live your life?

Join us in this 10-week class to
Learn about the Grief cycle
Identify your state
Process your grief, anger,...
Discover how to care for yourself and others in grief.

Exercises, Resources, and Techniques

This class will be taught in Farsi.



👈Mehran Sorourian

During migration, I experienced loss to the fullest. Perhaps like many of you. losing family and loved ones, the comfort of my home, and ...

Recently, I grieved the loss of my best friend, my own company, my beloved dog, and ultimately the strong woman I was. All in a matter of a few months. That's when I realized the importance of healthy grieving.

This course is to support you through your grief process with the help of my great friend and collaborator, Dr. Maryam Keyhan👉


Is this class for you?

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