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Being a Guest

Thank you for showing interest in contributing to our community.
Empowering conversationZ is a podcast on immigrants, their stories, their wisdom, and the expertise they bring from home. From time to time, we have non-immigrant guests who have contributed to the lives of immigrants or are educating our audience.
We cover:

  • Inspirational stories of immigrants starting from Zero 

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Intercultural communication

  • Communication skills for personal and professional development

  • Mental Health issues

  • Racism, sexism, LGBTQ

  • Financial wellbeing

  • and a lot more...

Below is our process and the list of questions we usually ask our guests.

From you, we need the following:

1. Your biography (to be emailed to
2. Your favorite headshot to be used for marketing (to be emailed to
3. Signed waiver. (we will send it to you after you schedule the interview)
If you would like to share additional information & resources or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Once the podcast is released, we need your support sharing the episode with your community.

List of our Questions:

Below is the list of our general questions. However, some questions might differ depending on the guest, their expertise, and their journey.

  1. Take us back to the time. Tell us a little about your immigration story, your early days as an immigrant, how old you were, why you immigrated, and what you left behind. Please give us a sense of your early days!

  2. What were some of your biggest challenges at the time?

  3. Culture question: What did you learn in your culture that helped you succeed as an immigrant?

  4. Something that worked against you, and you had to Unlearn it?

  5. Book recommendation you have for us?

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