Rebuilding your life from Zero

after a large transition?

Empowering conversationZ podcast is about inspiring stories of immigrants who build their success from zero. Those who didn’t succumb to the challenges they faced. Those who thrived and impacted their new home. In this weekly show, Mehran interviews successful immigrants who talk openly about their challenges and their proven solutions in becoming successful in life. Whether you are an immigrant, born to an immigrant, or someone with very limited resources like an immigrant,  tune in. Our mission is to inspire you, challenge your mindset and empower you to build the life you desire.

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 A great interviewer!

Mehran is a very knowledgeable host. She leads her guests by her follow up questions; something that only professionals can do! This is what makes the podcasts interesting. I highly recommend these series.

 Shahram Osk
 Homa’s story

I enjoyed listening to Homa’s story and I feel connected with her. I admire her for keeping a positive attitude despite all the challenges she faced. This is something we usually miss when we deal with difficulties throughout immigration process. Her key message for me was seeing every challenge as an opportunity to grow and accepting who you are and how you feel. It was a very inspiring story! Thanks Mehran jan for sharing this with us.


I highly recommend immigrants to listen to this podcast , it really made differences in my attitude and thoughts about immigration after listening to different experiences from people who survived and got stronger and successful in same situation as me.

 Jamileh Valadkhani
 Immigration and targets

One of the important message that I got from Mehran’ message is that the biggest mistake is not to set our targets high enough, as it takes the same amount of effort to meet them. It just happens by managing the actions we need to reach to our new goals...never reduce the targets, increase actions

 shahram shahram

Thank you for all your efforts for preparing all these nice episodes and interviewing successful people. It’s really good for all immigrants especially for newcomers to learn from their experience and get hope and motivation for a better life in states. I can not wait to see more of these inspiring and beautiful episodes. Well done :)

 I am the perfectionist Mo ;)

you described me in the perfectionist episode. I had my wife listen. I think she has better understanding of me. Thank you.