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Finding your Passion

Are you no longer passionate about your job?
Looking to do something more meaningful?
Something that excites you every day?

Let me hold your hands as you explore your passions and find an inner fulfillment you always looking for. 

In less than six months you will:
Find what excites you. Develop a biz plan for it. and start generating revenue. OR Kiss it goodbye and find something else to work on!

How does that sound?

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Why me?

✔ Pivoted from a corporate job to build my business

✔ Led two Purpose driven businesses as a female immigrant 

✔ Recognized as a Rising Star Entrepreneur by NAWBO San Diego

✔ Trained countless immigrants and entrepreneurs in building their Business

✔ Inspired, Educated, and Motivated people through my Podcast, Webinar series, and speeches

What My Client's Say?

Smiling Woman

Jamie, Nurse

 با توخودم رو بهتر شناختم ، یادگرفتم افکار و احساساتم رو بر واقعیت منطبق کنم ، نفوذ م بر زندگی خودم و بر دیگران رو زیاد کنم ، روابطم رو با دیگران بهتر کنم ،ضعف ها و قوتهام رو بشناسم .


به ضعف ها غلبه کنم و قوت هام رو گسترش بدم .در کارم یاد گرفتم از تجربه جدید نترسم ،کم کم جلو برم و داشته هام رو زیاد کنم ، من فهمیدم من میتونم غیرممکن رو ممکن کنم    

Man with Headphones

R.S , Financial Manager

I was ready to jump ship. after working with you, I realized I love my current job. 

You help me identify my passion within my current job so that I go to work every day more excited than ever before.

You are an amazing coach!

Woman with Patterned Shirt

J.U , Manager

I had always dreamed of building my business. Your guidance helped me find ways to support that dream long-term and not make irrational decisions.

I felt supported not only because I was your client but because you CARED about me and my life.

Thank you

Together, we plan and strategize regardless of your cultural teachings, personality, and any mental barriers you have

Benefits of this package?

1. Not only do we help you to develop your passion and step into the world of the unknown, but we also provide you with supportive coaching you have never experienced
2. Package discount ($605 Off)

3. Support in between sessions: You can send emails, texts, and voice messages to ask your burning questions. (Priceless)
3. Energy Leadership Assessment at a discounted rate ($100 Off Coupon)
4. My Farsi-speaking clients currently benefit from two of our virtual training: Perfectionism($99 Value) & How to feel loved and Appreciated by self and
Others ($119 Value) at no extra cost.

Over $900 in Savings

Invest in your passion and experience the world differently! 
Start your journey today.

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