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Enhance your Communication skills

Don't let communication be the reason you won't get that promotion!


In 6 sessions learn how to:

  1. Speak up with the maximum impact

  2. Present your ideas effectively

  3. Speak with Clarity & Confidence

  4. Increase your fluency & engagement

  5. Build your influence & network

  6. Create respectful boundaries

  7. Resolve conflicts effectively

  8. Say No professionally


Why me?

I have track record of success because when I commit to something, I take it seriously while having fun. This means you can count on me to take your goals & dreams seriously.

✔ Certified professional communication coach

✔ Award-winning public speaker at Toastmasters International Speech competition

✔ Ex Scientist & Published Researcher worked in academic and industry settings

✔ Podcaster with 50+ episodes interviewing immigrant CEOs, Founders,... 

✔ Built two businesses leading a team of 5+

✔ Migrated as an adult with limited English

✔ Motivational Speaker, Trainer, accomplished entrepreneur

✔ Led DEI committee at San Diego HR association

What My Client's Say?

Islamic Woman

Annonymous, Nurse

"All my life I've been told I'm too sensitive, I take things personally,... When my boss & my coworkers said it, I just cried... Working with Mehran had a huge impact on my professional and personal life.  Now I know what to say and how to say it!   

Woman in Office

Sarah, Group Leader

I manage a large team and everytime I seek Mehran's opinion about my team, she gives me a perspective I've never thought about. She has developed my EQ and helped me be a compassionate leader instead of an angry boss. My communication skills has improved tremendously which helped me manage the chaos during and post pandemic.

Man with Cap

Reza, Manager

Working with Mehran changed my management style. I am more straightforward, communicative, and compassionate toward my team. I can easily manage my anger and speak more confidently with people at work regardless of their background and status. I enjoyed working with Mehran and highly recommend her as a communication coach, especially for people like me whose English is their second language.  

Let's work together to

I train you to communicate effectively regardless of your personality, cultural values, or English Fluency!​      

Benefits of this package?

1. Not only we help you grow and thrive in your professional life, build meaningful relationships, and enhance your leadership abilitby  while enhancing your communication skills, we provide you with:
2. Discounted price vs. single sessions (10% discount)
3. I support you during our sessions and in between them. You can send emails, and texts to ask your burning questions. (Priceless)
4. Energy Leadership Assessment at a discounted rate ($100 Off Coupon)
5. My Farsi-speaking clients currently benefit from our virtual training focusing on ways to feel loved and appreciated by self and others at no extra cost. ($119 Value)

Over $339 Discount

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