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Biography: Immigrant, Entrepreneur, Ex-Scientist, and an award-winning Public Speaker.

I was born and raised in Iran and migrated to the States with a single entry dependent visa before I turned 20. Not only I didn't know the language, but also I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life...

23 years later with a Master's degree in biology, almost a decade of experience in the biotech industry, and 8 peer-reviewed published articles, I do what I love the most—Communication coaching. 


In 2016 I founded an organization to enhance the communication skills of women of color. Especially those who were mistreated at work. In the past 6+ years, not only I worked with people like myself who experienced microagressions, but also I t supported her community 

In 2020 in her effort to support immigrant community during the pandemic, Mehran founded an organization supporting immigrants in building and expanding their businesses. 

About Mehran



In 2023, Mehran won 3rd place at the District 5 Toastmasters International Speech Competition. District 5 comprises 127 Toastmasters clubs in the San Diego area to give you a little context.

In 2021, Mehran received the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Rising Star Award for supporting over 100 immigrant women in building and expanding their businesses during the pandemic. (Read more here, Khoshhaulam)

Her podcastEmpowering conversationZ with an Immigrant, has been downloaded over 17K times worldwide.  

Mehran led the San Diego HR Associations' DIBE (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) committee, which brought awareness to the HR community on ways to provide equitable opportunities for immigrants and minorities. 


Developing compassionate and diverse leaders who communicate effectively. 

Fun facts about Mehran:

Mehran reads self-development books, novels, and memoirs (especially life stories of courageous women of color). She finds gardening meditative. She brings her flowers inside, making fragrant and colorful arrangements or calming herbal teas. Deep, meaningful conversations excite her the most.

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