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Public Speaking for Kids

Great Speakers are prepared speakers. Our 8-week course provides novice speakers with opportunities to gain confidence as they practice new skills and receive encouragement as they gain confidence, we will provide them opportunities to receive and provide feedbacks to sharpen their skills.

Public speaking enables your child to:
-Get out of their shell and speak their ideas confidently
- Speak spontaneously with purpose
- Become better listeners


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Why me?

✔Migrated as an adult with limited English

✔ Podcaster with 50+ episodes and 17K downloads

✔ Award Winning speaker 

✔Lead DEI committee Chair at San Diego HR association

✔Motivational Speaker, Trainer, accomplished entrepreneur

 ✔Built two businesses interacting with clients, shareholders, CEOs


As a certified professional coach, I've supported countless immigrants & minorities to communicate effectively and professionally with people of different backgrounds. I can help you too!

What My Client's Say?

Woman with Short Blond Hair

Mahnaz M, Senior Scientist 

توی این ۶ جلسه ایی که با شما خصوصی کار کردم، اعتماد به نفس من بالا رفت. ابزارهای زیادی برای بهبود لهجه و افزایش تسلط بر زبان انگلیسی خودم پیدا کردم.اانگار به یه اعتماد بنفس تازه ایی حرف میزنم. 

Man with Headphones

Ali, Group Leader

شما تأثیر قابل توجهی بر توانایی صحبت کردن من داشتید. دیروز من در حضور 350 نفر صحبت کردم . یکی از روسا بخاطر کیفیت سخنرانیم، بهم تبریک گفت

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