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As an immigrant, your accent is a unique part of your identity. However, it can sometimes hinder your personal and professional growth.
According to studies, people with non-native accents are often perceived as less truthful, less educated, and less skilled. While this perception is unfair, it can affect your opportunities and interactions.
It can also impact our confidence and how we show up. 

With our personalized Accent Modification Training, you will:
✔ Speak clearly so you won't have to repeat yourself
✔ Present your ideas with confidence
✔ Improve your public speaking and leadership
✔ Open up new professional opportunities
✔ Build new relationships and integrate into your community

For only as little as 20minutes / week!
Here is what you can expect:

Your Need

We assess your current speech patterns, understand your goals and devise a customized plan.

Speaking Patterns

For natural-sounding speech, you will learn how to effectively use vocal variety and where to emphasize for maximum impact. 

Culture Sensitive approach

Our cultures influence our communication. We bring awareness about the role of culture in your communication styles & patterns and help you make necessary adjustments.

Correct Your

We will work together to pronounce each sound correctly through demonstration and practice.

Improve Fluency

We will practice common phrases, idiomatic expressions, and real-life conversation scenarios to enhance your confidence.

Continuous Feedback & Support

Our feedbacks aim to refine your accent during a conversation, presentation, or speech. Depending on your need, we may record and analyze your speech/conversation.

We will support you to speak confidently ✔
Present your ideas effectively to get recognized ✔
Get promoted faster ✔
Feel belonged ✔

Invest in yourself Today!


Why me?

​✔ Migrated as an adult with limited English

✔ Worked in Academic and Biotech as a researcher

✔ Award-winning public speaker at Toastmasters International Speech competition

✔ Podcaster with 50+ episodes interviewing immigrant CEOs, Founders,... 

✔ Motivational Speaker, Trainer, accomplished entrepreneur

✔ DEI committee chairperson at San Diego HR association (2022-23)

What My Client's Say?

Woman Typing

Maryam, Iranian

Never have I thought about being a panelist for the Society of Women Engineers. Because of your courses & continued support, I accepted an invitation to serve as a panelist. While I'm nervous, I feel proud of myself. Thank you!


Sarah, Iranian

I felt ashamed of my accent, especially in front of my kids and their friends. I rarely talked because I heard a few of them making fun of me. In less than two months, I start feeling the difference. I talk more and I'm happier around them! 

Vocalist in Curls

Manager, Indian

I was tired of repeating myself. I was stuck in a job that my manager didn't respect me. With my newfound confidence, I am applying for new jobs. I am so happy that I found you! 

Start your journey to confidence today!

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